Course Syllabus

MATH 201 Face to Face



Instructor Larry Green

Office Phone Number  541-4660 Extension 341


Textbook: Instead of a traditional textbook, this class will use a free interactive multimedia online learning system. Printed versions are for sale in the college bookstore.  Follow the link to view the textbook.

Course Description 
This course will cover data analysis including probability, distributions, sampling, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, regression analysis, and nonparametric analysis.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and implement an unbiased study that will produce sound statistical results.
  2. Generate and interpret statistics and graphs from data that arise from surveys and experiments.
  3. Implement the rules of probability.
  4. Apply confidence intervals and test hypotheses to make conclusions about data that come from practical applications.
  5. Perform regression analysis to make informed predictions about relationships between quantitative variables.

Prerequisite A grade of C or better in Math 154A or an equivalent class within the past two years, or a satisfactory score on the assessment test.

Grading Policy Your letter grade will be based on your percentage of possible points.

A 90 -- 100%         C 70 -- 79%

B 80 -- 89%            D 60 -- 69%

Quizzes (Online):  ........................................... 75 points

Quizzes (Flipped):  ..........................................50 points

Quizzes (in class):  ..........................................75 points

Exam 1:  May 4      ......................................... 150 points

Exam 2:  June 1          .................................... 150 points

Project 1:  April 30        ................................. 150 points

Project 2:  June 7     ....................................... 150 points

Final Exam:  June 25 , 10:00 to 11:50  ...... 200 points


Exam Policy Students are to bring calculators, pencils or pens, and paper to each proctored exam. A single 3"x5" note card may also be used.  The note card can have writing on both sides.  Grading will based on the progress towards the final answer, and the demonstration of understanding of the concept that is being tested, therefore, work must be shown in detail.  Without a proven medical excuse, a 10% per day penalty will be given for each day the regular exam is taken late.  The final exam cannot be taken late.

Online Assignment Policy  Assignments are to be done on the Canvas site by the due date.  It is strongly recommended that you keep a journal of the written responses to the assignment questions.  This will help you prepare for the projects, midterm and final exam.  Assignments are due at 11:55 PM on Sundays, but it is recommended that you complete your work by Friday night.  Assignments questions may be taken many times (before 11:55 PM on Sunday) until you are satisfied with you score with only your highest score recorded.  Time extensions will only be given if they are requested by the Friday before they are due.  There is no time limit for the assignments as long as you finish before the deadline.

In Class Quizzes  Every Friday when there is not a holiday or an exam, you will take a written quiz that tests you on the material that occurred since the last quiz or exam.  If you have completed the online quiz with a score of at least 50% then you may bring a 3" x 5" note card to use for the quiz.  

Flipped Days  This is a partially flipped class in that instead of a regular lecture on each chapter, you will watch the lecture at home and then will work on group exercises in class.  At the beginning of class on flipped days, you will take a short quiz that tests you on whether you viewed the quiz and took notes.  You will use the notes to quickly answer the quiz questions.  Be sure to write down the answers to each of the examples that are given in the video lecture since that is what you mainly be questioned on.  Most students receive 100% if they watched the quiz and took detailed notes and 0% if they did not watch the quiz.  Flipped quizzes cannot be made up, but if you are ill and cannot make it, a long alternative assignment can be arranged for extra credit to earn back the missed points.  

Projects Two projects will be created for this class.  For Project 1, students will collect quantitative data and use a computer to display each of the charts discussed in class.  For Project 2, students will conduct a survey and construct a confidence interval and perform a hypothesis test.  Each project will include the results and a narrative describing data collection, assumptions made, background information, how the data was analyzed, and conclusions.  Unless specifically stated, all results must be computed using a computer spreadsheet program and the computer generated results must be included with the project.  The projects should be typed, double spaced, and have 12 point font. Students are to work in pairs or trios.  A 30% penalty will be incurred on any student who cannot work with another student.  Larry will be happy to look at a rough draft of your paper if you can bring or email it to him by Thursday in office hours before it is due.  After receiving feedback, you can ask more questions, but only one rough draft of the paper will be reviewed by Larry.  Note:  If you chose a partner from the online class, the due date is the earlier of the two due dates.  You will receive your project grade within one week of its due date.


Office Hours in A 210:

Mon, Wed, Fri  ............................  10:00 to 11:00
Tuesday..................................      11:00 to 12:00
Wednesday ..............................      2:40 to 3:40

CALCULATORS: The TI 83 or TI 84+ is required for this course or the TI 89 with the TI 83/84 downloaded or the TI nSpire will also work for this class.  There are a limited number of TI 84+ calculators available for checkout from the library.

LEARNING DISABILITIES: If you have a learning disability, be sure to discuss your special needs with Larry.  Learning disabilities will be accommodated and you may contact our disability resource center. by email or by phone at (530) 541-4660 x 384.

TUTORING:  Tutors are available at no cost in  The Math Success Center


Cheating or copying will not be tolerated. People who cheat dilute the honest effort of the rest of us.  If you cheat on a quiz, exam, or project you will receive an F  for the course, not merely for the test.  Other college disciplinary action including expulsion might occur. Please don't cheat in this class.  If you are having difficulty with the course, please contact me.



Week 1     4/9:  Introduction to statistics and Chapter 1
                  4/11:  Chapter 2 flipped day
                   4/13:  In Class Quiz on Chapters 1 and 2, 

Week 2     4/16:  Chapter 3 flipped day
                  4/18:  Chapter 3 flipped day
                  4/20:  In Class Quiz on Chapter 3, Project 1 discussion

Week 3     4/23:  Chapter 4  flipped day
                  4/25:  Chapter 5 flipped day
                  4/27:  In Class quiz on Chapters 4 and 5

Week 4      Chapter 6:  The Normal Distribution
                  4/30:   Project 1 due, Chapter 6 flipped day
                  5/2:  Finish Chapter 6 and review for Exam 1
                  5/4:  Exam 1 (Chapters 1-5)

Week 5    5/7:    Chapter 7 flipped day, Return Exam 1
                 5/9:    Continue Chapter 7
                 5/11:    In class quiz on Chapters 6 and 7  

Week 6    5/14:    Chapter 8 flipped day
                 5/16:  Continue Chapter 8
                 5/18:  In class quiz on Chapter 8 

Week 7    5/21:   Chapter 9 flipped day
                 5/23:   Chapter 9 flipped day
                 5/25:   In class quiz on Chapter 9  and Project 2 Discussion

Week 8    5/28:  Happy Memorial Day
                 5/30:  Chapter 10 flipped day and Review for Exam 2
                 6/1:  Exam 2 (Chapters 6-9)

Week 9    6/3:  Return Exam 2 and Continue Chapter 10
                 6/5:  Chapter 11 flipped day
                 6/7:  In Class Quiz on Chapter 10&11, Project 2 due     
                Video on programming Goodness of Fit Into Your Calculator

Week 10    6/10:   Chapter 12 flipped day
                   6/12:   Chapter 12 flipped day
                   6/14:   In Class Quiz on Chapter 12

Week 11     6/17:    Chapter 13 flipped day
                    6/19:     In class quiz on Chapter 13/review for the final
                    6/21:     Review for the final exam

Week 12     6/25:    10:00 - 11:50 am  Final Exam


  •  Come to every class meeting.
  •  Get seated early, get yourself settled, spend a few minutes looking at your notes from the previous class meeting, and have your materials ready when class starts.
  •  Read each section before it is discussed in class.
  •  Do some math every day.
  •  Start preparing for the exams at least a week in advance.
  • Submit your online quizzes by Friday.  Computer problems always seem to occur at the worst times.
  • Get help from a tutor or from your instructor whenever you are confused.  Your instructor is there to help you pass.  With hard work, many hours on task, and persistence, you can achieve your goals.

Course Summary:

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